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Time To Celebrate - A new blog

Time to celebrate, party planning ideas, entertaining tips

Hello and welcome to Time to Celebrate the newest blog on

Time to Celebrate is all about entertaining and celebrating with friends. I love to entertain and love all of the planning that goes into a memorable and enjoyable event. It is truly the attention to detail that makes a difference between "we went to a party" and "We had a great weekend because we went to a fantastic party!" I have lived in Whitefish Bay for over 10 years and enjoy the hospitality of the community. Having friends over for dinner or in the backyard for a cocktail is the norm instead of an obligation. 

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Former big league pitcher, Jim Bunning, now serves as a conservative member of the Senate.  He has announced that he is not going to run for re-election.  But his reasoning is not the same as Senator Bayh, Democrat from Indiana, who also announced he will not run.  Bayh is sick of the petty bickering, but Bunning would not have been elected if he chose to run.  The differences between the two Senators is far, far wider than that.

GOP Senator Bunning has taken the role of the do-nothing conservatives to heart.  He will try to stop anything that has any relationship to Democrats...anything.  So, he alone stands in the way of moving forward on extending jobless benefits.  He probably wouldn't be the roadblock if he were running for office.  Not only his constituents are angry with him, but so are many Republicans.  But the Republicans will not break their negative ranks to "out" him.  Of course all Republicans are worried about the implications of his stubborn roadblock.  It affects all people who are unemployed or underemployed, and that is a very, very large number.  Each Republican will feel a backlash because the general public is far more sensitive and understanding than the stalwart do-nothings.  Imagine a major political party so hellbent on doing nothing that they will hurt their own nation and even some of their consituents.  That is a very cynical and insensitive position.  But the conservatives feel they have enough negativity sympathizers on other issues to off-set this one miscue.

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You Are Overpaid!

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Are you looking for a new avenue to relieve yourself of the overabundance of money that you would have in your pockets? Are you tired of going to work in bringing home a paycheck that covers your day-to-day spending and may even allow you to have a large screen TV in your home or a new car in your driveway? It's time that we come to terms with our selfishness that has rubbed off on us from those greedy years that the United States experienced back when George Bush was president.

If you're having a hard time trying to figure out what to do with approximately half of your income, the government will solve that problem for you. Tax increases are coming. Tax increases are coming from every level of government. If you've had no tax increase or even just a small tax increase, the government is going to help you make up for that. They're all up going to raise taxes.

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Almost from the beginning of his administration, I was scathingly critical of Lyndon Johnson's horrible policies in Vietnam.  Not only was Johnson insensitive to the horrors he was raining down on innocent Vietnamese people who wanted nothing more than a unified nation and the vote that was promised them.  They would have voted overwhelmingly for Ho Chi Minh, but the U.S. broke the agreement.  Today, with U.S. forces out of Vietnam, that nation is rebuilding, not bothering its neighbors, and is fast becoming a vacation destination for Americans, Europeans, etc.  But Johnson, his Secty. of Defense, and his horrible generals did not have to face the effects that Agent Orange had on babies and adults.

On Wednesday, the BBC broke a story about what is happening in Fallujah, Iraq.  The U.S. focused its great might on that Sunni stronghold.  The international community was openly critical of the U.S. for its tactics and its use of depleted uranium shells and white phosphorous.  Today, the BBC filmed and reported from Fallujah's hospital.  As many as 13 times the normal birth defects have been reported.  And these defects are of the most horrible nature.  A baby born with 3 heads, babies born with one eye in the middle of their forehead, babies born with an eye and a nose in the middle of their forehead and struggling to gasp for breath, brain damage, one leg, one arm, three legs, grotesquely distorted spines, and the list goes on.  The doctors at the hospital blame the U.S. weaponry and related attacks.

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March Madness - Time Out for Entertaining

March Madness Entertaining

Thank goodness for March Madness! The NCAA basketball tournament provides a great opportunity to get together with friends and get rid of the cabin fever we all have at this time of year. Kentucky is ranked #3, Ohio State #6 and Wisconsin #15 so three great teams for our household to cheer for.

March Madness entertaining is fun for the host because entertainment is taken care of and the menu is mostly munchies and appetizers. Here are a few ideas for planning a March Madness party:

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Oscar Picks

Not sure what the problem is.  3rd time's a charm...

comment below.  I'll be online.

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The forces most dangerous and destructive to the United States are not from the Middle East or south of the Rio Grande or anywhere outside of the confines of our own nation and our own people.  And hypocrisy is their religion.  The height of hypocrisy occurs when the super-patriots, the Founding-Fathers-citing, democracy-touting, Bible-thumping Americans morph into their true selfish, crass and bigoted selves.  Let's start with some quotes to clarify.  How about beginning with one of their "macho" heroes...

"I don't feel we did wrong in taking this great country away from them.  There were great numbers of people who needed new land, and the Indians were selfishly trying to keep it for themselves." -John Wayne.

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Obama Made It GREAT

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For those who have a even a passing fancy with business administration or economics, which leaves out 92% of the Obama administration, you know that businesses go through cycles of ups and downs. That's why it's called the business cycle. The current economic downturn that we are in began in early 2008. Recessions generally last about 12 to 18 months. We are now in the 27th month of our current recession. And after about two years of calling it the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, our current recession has been given the moniker 'the Great Recession.'How great is that?

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Pre-Spring Cleaning

CDA, Silver Spring

Haven't blogged in quite some time.  No particular reason, but mostly I haven't been inspired, letting the blog wither on the vine. 


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It is time to call the bluff of all the partisan posers, the greed mongers, and those who simply do not know what they are talking about when it comes to health care reform.

Health care reform is needed.  It is absolutely true that if this reform does not take place very soon, the health care and insurance industries are going to drain the United States dry.  We cannot sustain the inhumane way we treat people in need of health care -- financially, medically, or morally.  We stand alone among industrial nations in our horrendous health care system, skewed in favor of the wealthy and those who can afford the expensive health care premiums.  Every average American lives with the fear of bankruptcy from health care costs or lack of adequate health care.  People are dying in huge numbers today in America for lack of adequate health care.  People are losing their homes and/or filing for bankruptcy every day because of our predatory health care and insurance greed.  About 50 million Americans have no health care insurance at all.  Emergency rooms in hospitals are treating people who wait until the last minute for treatment because they do not have coverage to help them get ongoing, regular health screenings.  ER personnel are not trained for this, and people are dying prematurely because they wait too long.  This is the health care scenario of a Third World nation.

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Fish Fry Friday

St. Monica Fish Fry

Looking for a good fish fry tonight? St. Monica is the place to be. Fish is provided by All Occasion Catering and it is very good. Happy Friday!

St. Monica’s Annual Fish Fry

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Looking through almost 2,000 pages of a proposed Congressional health care bill is arduous.  When it is put together like a jigsaw puzzle to satisfy every self-aggrandizing Congressperson, it is a nightmare.  It is not to be believed how these small minds in Congress feather their own nest.  The current bill is a hodge-podge.  But let me tell you something surprising: this bill could have been written by a Republican dominated Congress.  In fact, there are major portions of this bill that include provisions and wording that mimic past feeble attempts by Republicans to reform health care.  This bill could have been introduced by Republicans in Congress and the GOP Party would have supported it eagerly.

Such is the way Congress makes sausage that is called legislation.  It is a lie, a fraud, a deception to call this bill only a Democrat one.  Republicans could have written it.  And many Democrats are opposed to it.  This bill has been wrongly portrayed as a Democrats bill by a lazy, uninformed media.  If you dig back to some wordings of Republican suggestions from the 1980s you will find very similar wording in the current bill.  The difference: the Republicans do not want anything to pass in this Congress and the liturgy they adhere to is wrapped around one word: no.  The GOP sees the failure of health care reform as their ticket to success in the November elections.  The nation and its people be damned.

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick's Day Recipes, Time to Celebrate

Wishing you a Happy St. Patrick's Day! Enjoy this easy and festive appetizer recipe:


It was with some reluctance that I agreed to write this blog when approached about it.  My first response was to turn it down.  Since I ultimately did agree, I have resigned myself to its limitations and its "environment."  I have to swallow a couple times to be placed in the blogosphere amid the comments.

Blogs are not my thing.  Most on-line material has to be consumed very carefully.  People can write anything in a blog, as you are probably clearly aware, and even present things as true that are patently false.  Today's media environment is atrocious, and professional standards are out the window.

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Time for Barry to Shut Up

Business, climate change, County Government, Election, Energy, Government, Health Care, News, Politics, Presidential Politics, Reform, Religion, Smoking, taxes

The last week, President Barack Obama said that all the arguments have been made, everything has been said, and it is time to vote on the healthcare bill. Yet, since he has said that, he has not stopped making speeches and jaunting around the country giving Democrats rides in Air Force One in order to help them make up their mind on how to vote on the healthcare bill currently going through Congress. President Obama said he wanted an upper bound vote. Well, the way that the votes are tallying up, the total equals down.

The Democrats knowing that they do not have the votes in the House of Representatives are now pulling out every trick they can find it in order to pass this by whatever means they can get away with. Because there are not enough votes in the House of Representatives, they are now going to pass it without even voting on it. This is the epitome of moral bankruptcy for Congress.

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These Friends of Mine...Remember to vote for Ellen!

 With the Nicolet School Board election just around the corner (almost immediately after spring break), I thought I'd get out the word now on why I'm voting for Ellen Redeker.

I've had the pleasure of serving on the Glendale River HIlls School District Foundation with Ellen for a number of years and during her term as president.

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As I mentioned from Day One of the American invasion of Iraq, it is doomed.  I said then and I repeat it now: 1) We will be seen as just another, in a long line, of colonialist powers in the Middle East; 2) You cannot foist democracy on a nation or culture that has no history or likeness of it, especially something as culturally insensitive as AMERICAN democracy; 3) A civil war is inevitable in a place that has no history of united nationhood like Iraq; there will be at least 3 splinter groups that will strongly resist nationhood.  Iraq is not a nation, and in the true sense of the word, never was a nation.

To quote an intellectual seer from Alaska: "You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig."

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Spring is in the Air!

Time to Celebrate, Brunch Entertaining Tips, Baked French Toast Recipe

Photo from An Occasion to Gather, Junior League of Milwaukee

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The misplaced focus on immigration is one of seeing working people shooting themselves in the foot by blaming Mexicans and other Hispanic immigrants for unemployment.  What a waste of effort by the common American.

Why do you suppose American auto manufacturers and other big corporations cannot provide enough jobs for American workers?  Greed!  Look to Germany.  Vokswagen, Mercedes, etc. all have wonderfully paying jobs, strong labor unions, and they do not use their greed to look for slave labor plants in China, India, Mexico, etc.  Look again to Germany where workers have marvelously guaranteed wages, long vacations, great retirement benefits, national health insurance, and every poll taken shows Germans to be healthier, happier, and living longer than Americans.  We could have this in the United States if we did not build our economy on industrial greed.

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Buffalo Wild Wings coming to Bayshore Town Center

Glendale, Retail

The Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant and sports bar chain will be opening a new location at Bayshore Town Center, in Glendale.

The Glendale Common Council Monday night approved a tavern license for the new restaurant, which is planned for a spot just east of b.d.'s Mongolian Grill. The restaurant could be open by August.

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