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Us vs Them

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The era of compromise is over. Yet standing up for principle is suicidal.

The federal government looks as if it is taking pride in its own death spiral. The Democrats believe that they are the only ones who can do what is  right. They are so full of themselves believing that they are the only ones who have compassion about American citizens, their future, their well-being, and of course their health care. They simply can't be any more frugal about running the government. They can't get things done fast enough. They can't get things done fast enough. It's that archaic old system that is holding them back. It's those mean-spirited Republicans that are stopping them in their tracks. Or so you would think.

The Republicans have their own problems. They think they want to stop Obamacare. They think they want to stand up for principles. They think they want to  win elections. But instead of uniting in standing up for a main principle, the Republicans decide that they should argue amongst themselves and look like fools.

The media is helping both sides achieve these goals. The mainstream media is helping President Obama carry water and win the favor of public opinion. With the economy barely moving along, more regulations every day, increasing entitlements within objective of redistributing income, they are helping President Obama by reiterating the classic theme that the president wants to do good, is on the path to doing good and saving America, if not the entire world, but there is just this single mindedness of the opposition that is stopping him.

We are on the brink of a government shutdown and the multitude of low information voters is out screaming unfair because he believes the Republicans are trying to thwart any effort made by the president because they are unhappy with the results of last November's election. Get over it.

Doesn't anyone take a look at the policies that are being forced upon this country and see that they are stopping America from being more prosperous? why is the Keystone pipeline being held up while preaching we should be energy independent? why are we trying to implement and overhaul to the health care system that is laying off employees of hospitals while increasing the number of IRS agents?

 We can see what our priorities are.

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