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A Time for Truth

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Are we finally going to get the truth about Benghazi? After seven months of trying to skirt the issue, it is finally going to be brought up again. Perhaps this time we will get to the truth.

I'm getting sick and tired of the Obama administration lying to the American people. While accusing others of being political in rewriting history, the administration has always viewed this as a political problem and have always been insistent upon relaying their own sets of facts. No matter how false they are. I don't know of anyone outside the Democratic Party who ever believed that a video caused the death and destruction that we have seen in Benghazi. President Obama has promised that we would get to the bottom of this, but has made sure that everyone in his administration will serve as an obstructionist in the investigation.


Hillary Clinton, who plans on being our next president, thought she could put an end to this by trying to shout everyone down in her Senate hearing. Apparently she thought that if she threw a fit big enough that everyone would say that she answered the questions and there is nothing else to find. Only Democrats believe that too.

The American people are due the truth. If we are to have any trust in all in our government, the administration has to take an objective view to finding out what actually happened. Well, that's not entirely correct-they do know what happened and that's what they're covering up. Perhaps we will get to a point in time when even the left-wing liberals will realize that we have been lied to. Even if that is wishful thinking.

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