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The Tax Man Goeth

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A few weeks ago it was tax day in America. With just over 50% of American citizens working today and paying taxes, fewer and fewer people take note.

President Obama released his tax returns, like all presidents do, and there was not a lot of surprise. One thing that the media and the citizens should have taken notice of is that the president's effective tax rate is 18%. That's right, 18%. Barely more than what the administration was lambasting Mitt Romney for paying.

The reason that this is a big deal is that president Obama spent most of last year campaigning that Romney was not paying enough taxes. And now he is spending a great part of his time this year saying that  other Americans are not paying enough. So, why didn't the president make a larger donation to the treasury? He made more than $250,000 and qualified himself eligible to pay more.

Making more than $250,000 is obligatory in the president's view to pay more. More than 39%. It's as if the president is paying less than a secretary if he wants to compare himself to Warren Buffet. Warren Buffett also needs to write a check. Buffett goes around saying that people like him can and should be paying more, but when it comes to paid more, he like any other liberal only pays the minimum.

President Obama, also being your average run-of-the-mill liberal when it comes to paying taxes, believes other people should be paying more but he is only paying his fair share by paying the minimum.

Why doesn't the president lead by example on this? He should forgo his salary if he wants to be like the people he is leading into serfdom. Even without a salary, he has a 132 room mansion to live in, a limousine, Secret Service, a 747, and everything else that goes with the presidency. After five years of near recession and a poor economy, the president clearly likes the bubble he is in. Then we wonder why there is a leadership deficit in this country. Sometimes we don't.

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