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Noise Noise from all these Toys

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Several years ago I attended a meeting of a local government.  As an open offer to all the citizens, they would start out each meeting by opening the floor to any in attendance who could speak on any subject.  Although open ended, I think he would have steered it to subjects of local interest for which the governmental body could address.  At this particular meeting, a citizens stood up and voiced his concern over the amount of noise in his neighborhood, which bothered him.  He told of many Sunday afternoon's he would be relaxing in his hammock taking a nap in his beautifully landscaped backyard.  Then, uninvitedly a group of motorcycles came off the street and drove back and forth quite loudly, past his house repeatedly.  This bothered him so much that he has to have a noise ordinance put in place to prevent such an interruption in the future.

Well, the chair of the meeting said that there was a noise ordinance already in place, but could not do too much about the motorcycles.  At this, the citizen stated that he did not like all of this motorcycle noise, reiterating his concern.  And again the chair of the meeting, almost began to laugh at the citizen at such a ridiculous request.  After all, they were probably Harley-Davidson's and seeing that Milwaukee is the headquarters of Harley-Davidson, not too much could be done.  In fact, nothing would be done.

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Tax Holiday Vacation

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In a recent effort to pander to voters of both parties, two of the presidential candidates offered a plan to suspend collecting the federal gas tax during the summer months.  Whether you think this is a good idea or not, it probably is not going to happen.  Will it not happen because of inaction due to Congress?  Will the senators quit pushing for this idea, if people lose interest in it?  Or is this such a bad idea on its own that it will die on the vine?

About a year ago after recent surges in the price of gasoline, some states offered to suspend the state excise tax on gasoline.  Wisconsin was not one of them.  This of course is because Governor Jim Doyle will not put any effort into lowering taxes in Wisconsin.  Even if the states stopped collecting the tax, I believe people would be shocked by the amount that they would no longer be paying.  Even if it were for a short time.  But Wisconsin film never offer a tax holiday.  There are probably some tax-and-spend liberals will believe that we are currently in a tax holiday, because we did not raise taxes when we had the opportunities every time.  We could be paying a high hospital tax.  We could be paying higher excise taxes on liquor and cigarettes.  The sales tax would also be higher if some of the election results had been different in the past few local elections.

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Democratic Do-Over

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It seems like the Democrats want it both ways this year.  At first they wanted a well contested primary season.  Now they have a new slogan: Hillary get out!  At first he wanted all the votes counted, just like they did in 2000.  Now they want to forget about Florida and Michigan.  At first they wanted their delegates to the proportionally assigned.  Now, because Barack Obama does not have enough delegates to secure the nomination as of today, winner take all may not have been a bad idea.  However, if the delegates were a signed on the winner take all basis, the nomination would have been secured by Clinton.  Not even the Democrats want that.

What happened to Barack Obama?  Six months ago, he was the eloquent speaker.  His audiences lapped it up like a hungry cat at a saucer of milk.  America was hungry for the message of optimism.  It's what we wanted.  It's what we need.  We want to be inspired.  We want to be told by our leaders that better days lie ahead.

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The Do-Nothing Legislature

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In the early 1950s, President Harry Truman, regularly complained about not being able to pass the legislation through Congress that he thought would be better for America.  He blamed the 'do-nothing Congress.'  It seems like we're having a similar situation with the state legislature.  They can't get anything effective completed.

The budget deficit has become a perennial mess.  Drunk drivers and inattentive people on cell phones pack the streets and highways.  There is still an outrageously high gasoline markup law that has been declared unconstitutional.  Yet is still in force.  Entitlements like badger care and enrollment numbers that have far exceeded the estimates when the law was passed.  This sounds a lot like the retirement scam at Milwaukee County passed just under 10 years ago.  Yet time and again, there are press releases that members of the state legislature are introducing bills to become laws as if things were actually be accomplished.  Tax-and-spend liberals are always trying to pass new, higher taxes.  At least there are enough people in the Legislature that have stopped huge tax increases.  I will acknowledge that.  How many times does it take to get the drunk driving laws straightened out?  Drunk drivers have been around since automobiles began being popular.  Yet every time that there is a death by a drunk driver, at least three legislators offer new bills that will get tough.  I guess they all were pretty weak.

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Gas Price to Increase

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Over 30 years now, that I know of, people have been complaining about the price of gas, no matter what it is. I'm getting mighty tired of all the news about high gas prices. Back around 1974, the price of gas inched its way up to 34 cents per gallon.  People were so outraged over this high price that they decided to get out of their cars and pumped their own gas in order to save two cents per gallon.  It may seem foolish when we think back on that situation in today's context, but it was a real problem back then.  We were mad, and we weren't going to take it anymore. Yet the price increased again.

I would agree that today's situation seems even more dire.  Even adjusted for inflation, today's situation is worse.  Should we be looking to the government for a solution?  I'm not really sure if this is a governmental problem.  It is a free market problem.  And how is it explained today?  Many armchair economists attempt to explain us in the knowledge that they gained in Econ 101.  Yes, supply and demand seems to be the solution that people will dole out to you.  It may be only part of the answer that people try to explain it fully using this one lesson.  It's not entirely their fault, because Econ 101 is one of those classes that is taught at eight o'clock in the morning no matter what college or university you may have attended.  And how much could you really learn looking out of one bloodshot eye?

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