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Spend Your Way to Prosperity

There seems to be a confluence of ideas that are not adding up when it comes to evaluating the economic stimulus package coming out of Washington.  It seems that we are in a recession already.  Although the very definition of a recession would not be available for at least five months.  We would need two quarters of negative growth in the GDP.  However economists evaluating the economic situation have concluded that we wouldn't be going into a recession because of too much credit, overspending, and general poor money management. We're headed to recession for a different reason.

However the solution seems just as equivocal as the intricacy. How can hasty spending be a cure whereas imprudent expendature is awry? Let's look at couple things. It's being called a tax rebate. However, citizens that have owed no taxes in the past, are getting a rebate. Confusing to those with a dictionary at hand. This is being handled like a redistrubution of income. The rich people who make more than $75,000 pay the taxes and get no rebate, yet if you pay nothing, you get the $1200. Let's give money to those who cannot manage money because we know they will spend it right away. Hopefully no one will put it toward reducing their credit card debt. If overspending is done after the rebate is gone, they can go to the title loan store. Aren't they here to help too?

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Primary Election; Secondary Choices

Things just got a lot less interesting in the presidential race.  Too many polls, too much effort guessing the outcomes, and way too much spin have quickly taken us from the most interesting part of this primary season to the most boring.  The Republicans have resigned themselves to John McCain.  Whether we like it or not, he will be the nominee.  On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama have turned what started out as he could spark filled debate and turned it into a love fest for themselves.  Super Tuesday did not produce eventual nominees.  But the aftermath did.

The Democratic nominee may not be decided until the convention later this summer.  But that may not make things more interesting until then.  The candidates have to be careful not to inflict too much injury upon one another and in return destroy themselves and their candidacies.  In order for the November election to fall to their favor, they would have to get the nation's attention turned to the Iraq war and foster interest in making that the number one issue on America's mind.  It we know from history that voters make their selection for candidates based on how the economy is doing.  If things are not doing well, foreign-policy falters.  Opposition to the war will not matter, no matter how strongly felt.  The reason is: we are in the war.  The matter how much we may dislike it, and no matter how much it is costing us, the situation we have gotten ourselves in, as a country cannot be resolved in a day.  The troops will not be coming home on January 20, like the hostages did in 1981.

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Doing Good for a Worse Environment

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Convinced him that the citizens of the world and this country do not want to destroy their home.  Although we know that he won't be around, ourselves forever, we don't focus on our own imminent mortality on a daily basis.  Often our thoughts emanate from the paradigm that we will go on forever.  And collectively, we wish to leave the earth better than how we found it.

However, our participation in Western civilization has turned us into consumers.  We buy things, we use services, we throw things out.  And in the end, we are left with the pile of compost.  Much attention has been turned lately to how much we are consuming, and how much we are throwing away.  The amount of energy that we use in order to carry out any task such as eating, recreating, or even going to work is producing a pile of exhaust, known as a carbon footprint.  And this carbon footprint that we have, is deemed to culpable to other living things.  So we are somehow being shamed into believing that we should not be leaving a carbon footprint at all when we leave this world.

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Put a Condom on the Condo Project

One day soon when we are reaping the benefits of global warming, i.e. getting rid of the snow, and actually having pleasant weather, I plan to take a bike trip up to 49th and Donges Road to give everyone a salute. So look for me.  I believe that you have done is admirable.  A developer has tried to come in, four times to put a condo project, where one is not wanted.  And the neighbors had said so, four times.  How many votes does it take?  And of course the way that the vote would take place would be unfair because if the developer got the one yes vote he is looking for, he would go ahead with his project.  At this point, he should be required to win five yes votes for a majority of the votes cast to go ahead with the project.

If that area does need to be developed, single-family homes should go there.  That is how it is zoned.  I do not see the benefits of infesting a residential area replete with single family houses with condominiums.  There are plenty of other areas to put condos and if you are bent on building condos.  Condominium living may be fine for some folks, but I do not need it to forced into areas in which it does not fit, is not wanted, and has been voted down-four times.  The citizens of the area went to Village hall in weather so cold you would be hesitant to open school that day.  (But that's another story), but braving the cold one night would be a lot better than watching the demise of your beloved neighborhood.  The people of this village, the homeowners especially, are investing between $100,000 and a half  million dollars for their homes in that square mile.  They are investing in the community and the school system with outrageous property taxes, but willing to do so in order to build and maintain a part of the United States in a corner of the world to call their home.  I'm proud to hear that they have stood up for what they believe to be right.  Not everyone is a pushover.

How to Vote this Tuesday


à  The day is finally coming.  The day when we as Wisconsin primary voters will finally have a say in a presidential race. How historic is this day?  Is it a watershed moment?  Is it a tipping point?  Is it just another primary day in Wisconsin?  The answer is; depends on who you talk to.

à On the Democratic side, there is still a contest.  Is it make or break day for Hillary Clinton?  If she does not do well, the end can be very near for her.  Coming from a crowded field of Democrats, who all had the same message early on, she is now redefining herself and taking a new approach to her campaign.  She has not done well since super Tuesday.  If she stands on the same side on the issues as Barack Obama, Obama wins.  This of course stems from the Clinton hatred that Americans cultivated from the 90s.  The daily scandals and investigations of the Clinton administration grew into a degree of negativity that are roaring economy could not overcome.  Poor slating by the Republicans helped get Bill reelected.  And the bad memories of the Clinton administration did not accommodate to Hillary's favor, especially with a choice available.

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Our Taxes are Still Too Low

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Another report out of Madison casts a pall on how responsible we have been as taxpayers. We have not been  good taxpayers.  We haven't been sending enough into Madison.  The collection of taxes has been far short of what we need to finance the over sized budget that was just passed, albeit three months late by our legislature late last year.  The tax-and-spend liberals, who reached into everybody's pocket to double the driver's license fee, up to the you auto registration fee, and financed a large increase dependent on the purchase of cigarettes have not been doing their part.  They have only been sending in a minimal amount of their tax due.  They should be sending in more as an example of how generous the citizens should be.  When the state has their proverbial hand out.  Only sending in the minimum is creating problems of shortfall.

The way, the budget has been handled this year is a complete disgrace and embarrassment to the state.  After four months of haggling and delaying, the state passed a budget that included huge tax increases.  Now there is another huge deficit, which has not been planned for.  After delivering a state of the State speech, which included a many generous programs, there is now not enough money to go around.  After promising to devote everything to everyone, he now stands up and says we have to make tough choices.  This is done in a way as if to indicate that the state economy soured moments after his rosy speech. 

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Democrats Banking on Failures

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If you've heard any of the recent rhetoric from either of the Democratic candidates who are still in the race to seek the nomination of their party for the presidency this fall, you know that the Democrats are looking for a whole lot of failures.  They looking from failures from the current Congress, they are looking for failures from Bush, they are looking for failures from the other candidates.  The more incompetency that is presented between now and November will only help them to look somewhat credible  if a Democrat is elected in November.

In speeches and rallies from both Clinton and Obama, they are preaching cures that the malice of the Bush administration have brought.  But George Bush is not seeking another term.  John McCain is not seeking the office to be a third George Bush term.  The Democrats don't sound as if they know this yet.  And President Bush has not helped the situation by acting like a lame duck for four years.  Democrats across the country are just salivating on thoughts of further failures that will make them seem like the savior of the nation's problems.

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